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Are CBD oil/products legal?

Yes CBD is legal in the UK, EU and USA

Will it get me high?

No our products are extremely low in THC.

What is THC?

THC is the compound found in hemp that has psychoactive effects. In order to sell these products legally we must sell products with less than (0.2%) THC

How do I know its safe to take?

Rest assured our extracts are 3rd party lab tested for safety and peace of mind.

What concentration should I buy?

This depends on various factors e.g  your level of pain, your body weight and previous experience using these products we recommend to build the dosage up over time until you find your ‘sweet spot’ where effects can be felt by the user.

Does CBD interact with other food supplements or medications?

We would advise to consult with your doctor prior to taking any new supplements or medications to ensure your own wellbeing.

How does Cannabidiol/CBD oil work?

CBD doesn’t contain THC which has the psychoactive properties, meaning it can be consumed without the side effects usually associated with marijuana or cannabis.

Who are CBDaily?

We are a simple honest company raising awareness and selling great products from a plant species that has been wrongfully demonised since the early 19th century where in reality a lot about this plant and its applications is widely unknown.

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