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We’re completely dedicated to providing the purest Full Spectrum CBD Oil on the market at an affordable price

Who are CBDaily?

CBDaily are one of the UK’s finest suppliers of cannabidiol (CBD) oils in the UK. Unlike other products on the UK market, our CBD oils offer a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids & Terpenes. We offer a straightforward, easy to administer product so you can incorporate them easily into your own daily and dietary rituals for an alternative, contemporary take on wellbeing.

All CBDaily products are lab tested, ensuring that we provide a safe, stellar product that complies with the UK regulations of less than 0.2% THC (the psychoactive compound found in hemp).

Our hemp extract is mixed with fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) which provides further health benefits.

Our CBD extract

We source our CBD extracts from the USA where it is processed in a GMP compliant lab. We source from the USA because the quality and strains of hemp are without doubt the best in the world.

Our CBD extracts are from cannabis sativa. The cannabis sativa we use contains trace amounts THC (the psychoactive compound) ensuring all of our products meet the UK minimum THC requirement in products at 0.2%.

We can guarantee:

  • No high or mind-altering effects
  • Feel cool and calm
  • Maintain control
  • Peace Of Mind when purchasing from us
  • No exceptions – experience positive effects with every single product

History of Hemp

Health benefits of hemp have been known and used for centuries, but in recent times has been given a undeserved bad reputation. The once demonised plant is now being seen in a different light. Barriers are being broken down as the various applications of this wonderful plant are becoming more apparent, and being used as the gift that nature intended.

Education is the key in what we are trying to achieve at CBDaily. Learning about the plant first hand and seeing how it can impact you positively is your choice, however we are here every step of the way to facilitate and help you on your way to a balanced life.

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